Hair loss is a common problem that can leave many feeling self-conscious. PepFactor promotes thicker, vibrant and luscious looking hair.

Enriched with Copper Peptide, antioxidants and our proprietary PepFactor ingredients, PepFactor Scalp helps encourage more voluminous, younger-feeling hair, with most treatments showing visible results after just four weeks.

Created by doctors and scientists, PepFactor provides a powerful non-surgical solution for scalp rejuvenation that uses a minimally invasive procedure called microneedling in conjunction with the application of our PepFactor serum. Microneedling Promotes natural hair regrowth and you can expect to see initial improvements within 4 weeks from your first PepFactor treatment. PepFactor can be safely used in conjunction with other therapies to promote confidence in our clients with fuller looking hair.

PepFactor Benefits

PepFactor Scalp treatments lead to a number of benefits that help clients feel and look younger and more confident in only a few treatments. Some benefits include:

  • Makes the hair appear more voluminous, lustrous and healthy

  • Non-Surgical with lasting results & minimal discomfort

  • Quick procedures with no blood drawing necessary

  • Affordable and effective

  • Normally show results within a couple of weeks from your first treatment

How Does PepFactor Works

What sets PepFactor Scalp apart from other non-surgical hair loss solutions is its revolutionary formula combined with copper peptides. PepFactor Scalp does not require any blood drawing. Overall this amazing procedure restores and encourages more voluminous, younger-feelinghair, with visible results in just 4 weeks.

You can expect to see improvements after a couple of weeks from your first PepFactor treatment. Once you have had 6-8 treatments, you will experience the full results. Results can vary from person to person.

Simple, Fast Treatments

With no need for drawing blood the PepFactor Scalp treatment process is simple, non-invasive, quick and affordable. In as little as 30 minutes and 3 steps your PepFactor Scalp treatment will be complete.


  • Cleanse the treatment area

  • Perform a microneedling procedure to create micro-channels that allow more effective penetration of PepFactor into the scalp

  • Apply PepFactor and infuse


PepFactor Scalp users report that their hair appears thicker, more full and lustrous after only a few treatments of PepFactor Scalp.

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